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Backyard Pale Ale 2015

Brewed this West Coast Pale Ale up on February 28. I’ve read and heard that West Coast Pales are supposed to dry and hoppy. That is what I’m going for whatever the reality may be. I’m not sure if Northern Brewer fits the American bill, but that is what I had on hand for bittering.


  • 12# two row
  • 0.5 oz Northern Brewer
  • 1# LDME
  • 4 gallon freezer bags full of home grown Cascade and Nugget hops

I had 7 gallons in the tun which maxed out. Got about 5 gallons in the kettle. My initial pre-boil gravity reading was 1.040 at 127 degrees. Put 1.5 gallon in tun for “sparge”. Got about the same amount back. Added 4 gallon freezer bags full of cones. Got 5 gallons in the fermontor. OG = 1.056. Pitched Omega West Coast ale yeast. House smells piney.

Update (3/14): I check the gravity and have a reading of 1.002. I added 1 oz of Cascade pellets for dry hopping. At the moment, not thrilled about the taste. Got some esters. May have fermented at over 68 degrees.

Update (3/20): Bottled 40 bottles (2 bombers). Still had estery characteristics but was also very bitter.


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Basil IPA 2015

I got the recipe from Homebrew Talk Forums. It is on I’ve done and blogged about many years before, but the post has been lost to HBTF’s blogging format change. I had saved a bottle for several month’s after it was first ready and it received some rave revies at a homebrew club. This is the first time I’ve tried to repeat the recipe. Originally I had used fresh basil from my backyard that I had just torn of the plants and thrown into the boil. However, I’ve been having a difficult time growing basil, so for this recipe I used local organic basil that came in a box. Some basil lime hand soap also inspired me to add lime zest to the wort. I forgot to properly identify the types of grain that I bought at Brew & Grow, but I did record their codes. I am planning to have this ready for HoPS! Oktoberfest at the end of September.

11# Two row
1.5# Honey malt ? (Brew & Grow #129)
1.5# Victory malt ? (Brew & Grow #105)

Hop and spice schedule

  • 2 oz. Northern Brewer (7%) FWH
  • 1 oz. Cascade (5.7%) 30 min
  • 1 oz. Cascade (5.7%) 15 min
  • 1 oz. fresh basil leaves 15 min
  • 0.5 oz. Amarillo () 8 min
  • 5/8 oz. fresh basil leaves 8 min
  • 0.5 oz. Amarillo () 2 min
  • 1 oz. fresh basil leaves 2 min
  • 1 lime, zested 2 min

I ended up with a final gravity in the 1.050-1.051 range, and pitched London Ale yeast.

Update (10/25): I left the fermenter on the first floor for a day after brewing. It was a hot day, so I moved to the basement. Despite this move the vigorous fermentation still blew the air lock and made a mess. After 2 weeks I kegged it up and placed it in my slowly failing refridgerator. It ended up at 5% ABV and 68 IBUs.

The beer was served at Oktoberfest three weeks after kegging, but it had a very yeasty flavor to it and had a bit too much lime. A couple weeks afterwards a HoPS member had his own O-fest party with leftovers from the club event. My beer had a definite band-aid flavor likely the result of an out-of-control, too hot fermentation.

Right now I’m trying to fine what is left of it with gelatin. Tomorrow I’ll transfer it to another keg to see if that helps.

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Backyard Pale

Brewed a pale ale with backyard hops.


  • 10# Two Row
  • 0.5 oz Nugget at 60 min
  • bag back yard hops at 15 and 5 min
  • NW coast yeast

OG 1.052 and FG 1.009

Update (5/17): Just tried this pale ale tonight. Poured nice and clear with a floral scent. Tasted crisp and a little bitter, but still with a good hoppy nose.

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Harvest Ale

This post of mine from Homebrewforms.com also got a comment.

Started on a Harvest Ale today. Going to be similar to the one I did for Oktoberfest.

  • 7# pale malt 8 oz. crystal (40 or 60)
  • 4 oz. brown
  • 8 oz. carapils

Heated up mash tun with 4-5 gallons of 180 degree water for 1 hour. Stirred in grain and 3.75 gallons of 162 degree water (was supposed to be 3 gal). Temp near spigot end was around 142 but furthest from spigot was 155. Hope this doesn’t affect things too much. Temp furthest from spigot never went below 152 which was target temp. Iodine test confirmed conversion after 1 hour. Did the Vorlauf (3 gal) and got 11 quarts. Sparged with 2.5 gallons of 170 degree water and after Vorlauf (2.5 gal) got a total of 23 quarts.

Going to go to a Mass with the wife so, I will ‘fridge this and finish in the morning.

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