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Four Hop IPA

I brewed up my American IPA with 4 different kinds of C-hops. I tried to do a “regular” brew with a sparge but could not get mash temp above 150 with the original 3.5 gallons. So I ended up with 4.5-5 in the tun. This have me a gravity reading of 1.058 at 140 deg F and 3.75 gallons in the brew pot. I poured 3.5-4 gallons in tun for sparge. I got about 7 total gallons in the brew pot after an hour plus sparge. The gravity was 1.042 at 120+ degrees. This only comes to a gravity of about 1.050, so I’ve decided to do a 90 minute boil. I’ve got far more that 5 gallons in the pot, and I’d like to get a higher gravity. Even though I’m using some whole hops, I don’t think I’ll loose too much.


  • 12# Two-row
  • 0.45# Crystal 40L
  • 0.45# Crystal 60L
  • 0.5# Carapils
  • 1 oz Columbus 13.4% at 60 min
  • 1 oz Centennial 9.3% at 30 min
  • 2 gallon freezer bags full of backyard hops at 15 min
  • 1 oz Cascade 5.5% at 5 min
  • 1 oz Citra (dry-hop in a couple weeks)
Muku looking for a treat.

Too fast for the camera.

When I shook the first package of hops, Muku came looking for a treat. I am still having problems with my wort chiller. I did realize that the connector I purchased last week is slightly off. The 13/16″ male connection has thinner threads than the threads in the female part of the faucet. I switched back to using the out-take spigot from my mash tun and I forced a smaller tube over it, but I still had leakage at the point where it connects to the chiller. After much aggravation, I got the wort chilled, but my 90 minute boil back-fired. While I got a decent OG of 1.064, I only ended up with 4.5 gallons in the fermentor. I pitched California Ale yeast and off it goes.



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Dry Stout

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, so I decided to brew a dry Irish Stout.


  • 7# Pale
  • 12 oz UK Chocolate
  • 12 oz UK Crystal 90
  • 4 oz UK Black Patent
  • 8 oz Munich
  • 1 oz EKG and .25 oz Fuggle @ 60 min left in boil
  • .5 oz Fuggle @ 30 min
  • .25 oz Fuggle @ 15 min
  • Irish ale yeast

I went with a no-sparge method. I heated 8 gallons of water to around 164 deg, and started the mash with 9 quarts and the grain. I kept playing around with the temps as they started off in the low 140s. I eventually got 27 quarts in the tun and the temperature around 153. I set a timer for 3 hours and headed out to the nearby Brew and Grow. There I picked up an immersion chiller, floating thermometer, and ingredients for my next brew.

When I got back to the house, I noticed that my electric probe (meat) thermometer was up to 162. I tossed my new floating thermometer into the mash, and also checked the temp with an regular meat thermometer. Both of them said 148. I was a little worried, but an iodine test showed that I had conversion. I settled the grain bed and saved a sample to cool down. According to the hydrometer the gravity was 1.042 at about 88 degrees. According to the refractometer it was 1.050. I let the mash sit for another hour, but the measurements were the same.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Muku thought the smack pack was a treat bag. I gave her a treat. I’ll bet she associates brewing with treats from now on.

While I was waiting that last hour, I prepped the smack pack. As I was shaking the pouch, my cat came trotting up to me thinking it was a bag of treats.

The immersion chiller made cooling the wort down infinitely better. Instead of cleaning up around midnight because I was waiting for the brew pot to cool off in the bathtub, I was done hours earlier. The OG turned out to be 1.050.

Update: The next day there was a lot of action in the air lock. I can’t wait to see how this will turn out.

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