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Brewed up an amber based on this Irish Red. I have been using this recipe for a while, but I finally managed to find brown malt.


  • 10# two row
  • 0.25# crystal 40L
  • 0.25# crystal 60L
  • 0.25# brown
  • 0.5 carapils
  • 0.75 oz Fuggles for 60 min
  • 0.5 oz Goldings for 60 min
  • 0.25 oz Fuggles at flame out
  • 0.5 oz Goldings at flame out

20160123_150442I got all of the grain and about 7 gallons of water in the mash tun. I am again doing a no-sparge method, but I only mashed for 90 minutes in stead of 3 hours. The gravity reading was about 1.041 with both instruments. About 5 gallons went into the brew pot and 1.5 gallons of heated water went back into the mash tun for a mini-sparge. I stepped out to get an adapter to properly connect my wort chiller to my faucet. I needed a 3/4″ to 13/16″ adapter, I had been having a difficult time finding, but Ace was the place. After a side trip to Brew & Grow for a new fermentor and some DME, I got back home to drain off the mini-sparge which had a gravity reading of about 1.020 at 128 deg F. 20160123_150434I started boiling the main brew pot and the liquid from the mini-sparge separately. After 40 minutes of boiling, I added the remain 1 gallon from the mini-sparge into the main brew pot and added 1# of DME.

Then stuff started to go to hell. I broke the tip off of the floating thermometer. Of course that happened after I went to the brew store. I also again had trouble with the wort chiller. I am now using the correct intake tubing which has a garden hose (3/4″) attachment. The 3/4″ to 13/16″ adapter I bought at Ace fit the tubing to the faucet correctly, but when I turned the faucet on water went everywhere. I eventually minimized the leakage at the connection, but I could not get the tube clamped down tight enough on the chiller to stop dripping at that point. I also tore up my hand trying to tighten up all of the connections, so into the bathtub the brew pot went.

I pitching White Labs Irish ale yeast into 5.5 gallons of wort in the fermentor with an OG of 1.060.

Update: FG was 1.010. Which should give it a 6.5% abv. 20 IBUs



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American Amber

Brewing up a hoppy American Amber. This is my favorite style especially when it get into the imperial range. I switched it up this time with Chinook for bittering instead of Columbus.

I used my base red ale recipe but included some extra 2-row for a total of 13# grain. The pre-boil gravity was 1.048. Here is my hop schedule.

  • .5 oz Chinook at 60 min
  • .5 oz Chinook at 30 min
  • .5 oz Cascade at 15 min
  • 1 oz Citra at 5 min
  • 1 bag backyard hops at 3 min

This amounts to about 63 IBUs. I dumped this on top of the yeast cake from the previous Backyard Pale Ale which was using a NW Pale Ale yeast. After two weeks I found yeast floating on top, and the sample tasted super bitter. The OG was 1.050, and the FG turned out to be 1.010. This amounted to ABV. I dry-hopped with 1 oz Citra.


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Raspberry Puree…

… the kind you buy at a brew supply store.

Today I added a 3 lb can of Vinter’s Harvest red raspberry puree to my wheat ale and Wicked Winter Ale. Roughly two pounds went into the wheat ale and the rest went into the Wicked Winter. I checked the gravity of both and came up with a reading of 1.003 with the hydrometer for the wheat ale. It definitely had an alcohol odor and flavor, but it also had an odd plasticy taste to it. The gravity reading for the Wicked Winter ale was 1.023 with the refractometer. This seems too high. It definitely had a “Christmas” spice taste to it. The puree has some sugars in it so hopefully the yeast will reactivate and I can get that reading down.

In retrospect I realize that I should have taken a reading after putting in the puree.

Hoppy Amber

Last week Friday I kegged the amber I made a month ago. It had a fantastic aroma from the dry hopping. It is on 3 psi of gas in our old Hot Point refrigerator in the basement. I just took a swig and it is quite good with a fantastic Citra aroma. The first glass does have a bit of particulate matter from the dry hopping, hopefully that will run through before Oktoberfest. In addition, it could use more time carbonating.

Next week I will keg the raspberry wheat ale and bottle the Wicked Winter ale. Until then keep brewing.

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