Bottling Celebration Ale clone

Last weekend I dry-hopped my Celebration clone with 1 ounce each of Cascade and Centennial. This was a bit more than the recipe called for (0.66 oz each). I dumped the pellets right in the primary fermentor, and when I opened it today the aroma was fantastic. Unfortunately, neglected to record my OG in the last post, so the FG of 1.012 won’t really help determining ABV. The recipe is supposed to have an OG of 1.067, but I doubt I got that. Oh well, I used a considerable amount of home-grown hops in the boil, so determining IBUs is not likely. I tasted the end of the bottling bucket. The beer has a deep golden color, and it had a nice malt flavor with a good bitter finish. I did not get much hops on the nose, but that might be more noticeable after bottle conditioning.


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